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3 thoughts on “About

  1. 8/14/12
    Well.today is Monday and I hope I dismissed from hospital today.they have few more test and then I thing o will bounce. I have enough of this place and o want tempered pedic bed.aweww. I can only dreamabout it. I hope everyone has a great work day as I will be thinking of you all.you have been so good to me that I would like to extend my love to you on a safe trip to work and travel home.god bless you all and my th holy spirit be with you all through out your day.much love to you today and forever. All my love. …Cecelia Hinson -Crandall

  2. well these are old comments from long ago and things have changed alot around here. I let my family ie… mother and stepfather, sisters and nieces and nephew back into my life thinking it would be a good thing to do based on god saying we should forgive those that have hurt us. well I have done this many times in the past only to have it turn around and hit me back in the face so hard. well this time I just can’t bounce back from this horrific instance. I will not ever allow anyone to bring harm to my children or my life. I have forgiven until I am blue in the face. however, it doesn’t mean that I have to have them in my life anymore. my husband and my two kids and thier families are all we need to sustain our lives. I have all the Hornes and the Hinson’s in my life as well as a brother and cousins in my life that love us and wish us well and happiness and not sorrow.

    WE have endured so much tragedy in the last few years that its hard on anyone to bounce back. my life is forever change due to unforeseen circumstances. through auto accidents. strokes, and many illnesses that have come upon me that I have a very hard life with serious illnesses that I have to deal with on a daily basisi. Yet my so called mother/family and the rest have made it very clear how they feel towards me and my children and our lives. by making fun of my life and injuries that i have to live with until the lord takes me.. and the loss of a grandchild that my daughter suffered and is still dealing with. they seem to find all of this loss very funny and are not loving in the least for the loss of a child that we were lonling for for my daughter and her husband. hopefully soon they can try again and the lord will bless them with a healthy beautiful baby when the time is right. until then we pray for them everyday and wish and bring posiitve energy to them. I would love to have a grandchild before the lord sends for me. So I’m keeping it in his hands until that time and he will provide us with all our wishes. I do believe that. just time needs to heal wounds and broken hearts right now for them and then the lord will bless them with their child. well that’s all for now. May God Bless my real family and may Satan leave the souls of my other people I can now longer call family.

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